Saturday, September 8, 2012

Date at the Orchard

Since Tom flew all night on Thursday and got in early Friday morning he took the day off and worked from home Friday.  When Baylor got home from school on Friday the littles were still napping so we took Sawyer and headed to the orchard for a little date.  The picking season is short this year because of the weather we had in the spring so I wanted him to get a chance to pick apples at the orchard.  He was excited to go.
It was a beautiful afternoon and there was no one there so it was perfect.
Sawyer slept through his first apple picking experience.
I love being able to spend quality time with the boys alone.
Such a cutie.
The oldest and the youngest.
Great work Baylor!
I'd pick him for sure!  We ended with an apple slush and apple fondue.  It was a perfect afternoon.

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