Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beautiful Fall Day at the Orchard

It was beautiful today.
We spent the morning at home and then Mimi picked us up and we headed to Anderson for lunch.  We also picked apples and played on the playground.
Both boys picked a bag of apples.  One for our family and one for Mimi and Pop.
Park took his time and looked for the perfect apples to fill his bags.
It was so nice and peaceful in the orchard we were the only people out there.
He thought it was so much fun!

Sitting in the tree.  This little guy has had some rough days lately.  It was nice to have a fun day with him and watch him have fun.  I know it's mostly his age but I also know he's had lots of change in his life with the addition of Sawyer.
I love the orchard.

 If only I was a little taller.
Helping a brother out.
Good picks.
We had the playground to ourselves too.
They loved playing and running around.
Mommy and Coop.
Such a pretty day.
Having a slushie break.
I enjoyed some fun time with him.
Mimi and Saw sat on the porch in the shade while we played.  It was so nice out and there was a great breeze.
We are so thankful for Mimi!  

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