Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to the Barn

The boys have been begging to go back to horseback riding.  We took the winter off because it's not as much fun to ride in the barn and then we were busy with soccer and baseball in the spring.  It was so hot this summer and we were gone so long that it didn't work then either.  I promised we would go back after Sawyer was born.  They couldn't wait!
Both boys have an hour lesson and ride the horse Glory.  The horse we rode in the past, Louise, died in the spring and we were sad she wasn't there anymore.  Coop went first so Baylor and I could get homework done and then he played around outside and we read books.  I stayed in the car with Sawyer and Miss Sarah watched Park at home.
Coop was so excited he could not wait.
Mr. Social felt right at home with his new horse and new teacher.
Glory was great with the boys.
Coop said it was his best day!
It was such a pretty day outside.
Cooper looks so tiny.
When Coop was done he had a snack and we read books and then he sat by the fence to watch Bubby.  He also had fun looking for barn cats.  They are all over!
Baylor has a different teacher but rides the same horse.
He did great.
I love that they enjoy this so much.
He did a great job remembering how to turn the horse.
Love his smile.
They are already talking about how many days before they can go back.
Cowboy Baylor.

We are hoping for many more nice all days at the barn.
Coop and one of the cats.

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