Monday, September 24, 2012

Parker's Halloween House

On Sunday night Parker got to go to Mimi and Pop's house to decorate his Halloween house.  Since Pop has to make three this year, they decided to get started early.  He couldn't wait!
He got to make the icing.  He was so excited.
So fun!
He wore his Halloween jammies to get in the Halloween spirit.
Pop is a pro at this now.  He started making these with Baylor when he was Parker's age.
Getting all the icing on.
Can you tell by his lips he sampled some icing?
Cheese.  He ate lots of candy along the way too.  He's a sugar lover!
Great Work Parker!
Parker and Pop with the finished product.
It looks spooky!

It's awesome.
He was so excited to come home and show us his spooky house.  He kept saying It does look so nice.
Great Job Parker!!!!

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