Friday, May 31, 2013

Wiggle Worm Camp

 Jack and Coop went to Wiggle Worm camp together during the last week of school for the big kids at Southeastway Park.  They were both so excited!
 The last day was a creek stomp and it happened to be wet and rainy, they didn't mind one single bit.
 They were a mess but had the best time!
 Pouring out the muddy water from his boots.

 I love these boys!
They had an awesome week at camp!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

End of School Celebration at Indians Game

Today was the last day of school!  To celebrate we went to an Indians game with our small group.  Daddy was on a work trip so I took Baylor and Cooper.
Grant and Andrea rode with us.  The boys had fun in the car.

We sat on the lawn which works out great for all the kids.
He was excited to watch the game!  I think he did the most watching of all the kids.
Grant, Andrea, and Coop.

Mommy and Baylor.
The Potter family.
The Shultz family.
Maddy and Baylor.
All the kiddos plus a runaway Kate.
Such a great group of kids.
We played a few games.
I am so thankful for these friends!  They are a blessing in my life and just make things more fun!

Last Day of Second Grade

Today is the last day of school!  It also means this is his last day as a second grader!  The year seemed to fly by!
Up next 3rd grade!
Baylor has had a great year this year in second grade.  He has loved Mrs. Meyer and has learned so much and done great in all areas.
He is so excited for summer break and so am I!
Today was also awards day.
Baylor got two awards during the program.  He got a Perfect Speller Award and a Language Arts Award.
Way to Go Baylor!  We are so proud of you!
I love this big boy!
Mimi and her pal!
Mammaw and Pappaw with Baylor.
Maddy and Baylor both got the spelling award and Language Arts.
Baylor with some friends in his room.
Kendall, Jacob, Baylor, and Ben.
Baylor got to have a picnic with his class today during lunch.
His second grade class.
It was a beautiful day!
After lunch they got time to play!
Baylor and Mrs. Meyer.  She was perfect for Baylor this year and we are so thankful for her!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Swimming with Cousins

After we picked Coop up from worm camp we headed to the pool to meet Jen and her kiddos for a pool day.  Up first lunch at the pool.
He is loving worm camp!
Sweet girl.
Then it was time to swim.
Ethan is a little timid and prefers to just hang out by the steps of the pool.
Coop playing.
Kicking on the side.
Coop loves Gabrielle.
He's sweet with her.
Cousins are great!
Popsicle break time.
Gabrielle loved her popsicle and would not put it down.  She was a fan.
Mama sat outside with us and enjoyed watching the boys.  Coop talking with Mama.
Mimi held Sawyer in the shade.
Big girl.
After swimming everyone was ready for a nap!