Wednesday, May 1, 2013


After picking up the boys at preschool we headed to the park by our house.  I packed a picnic lunch and then we enjoyed the beautiful day.  I brought soccer balls and we played a game Mommy vs. boys.  
Then it was off to play.

They love being able to play outside.
I love it too!
During nap time this little one had fun playing inside with Mommy.
He looks like a little Baylor here to me.
I put his outside bouncer together and we headed out for more time outside.
The boys love Sawyer.
Daddy was on duty all evening at the ball diamonds so we spent the whole evening outside.

Sawyer loves being outside too and he loves watching his big brothers.
We ordered pizza and had a picnic outside on the front yard.  I think they thought I was a fun mom.  I was happy for good weather and a fun night!

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