Monday, May 20, 2013

Zoo Fun

For the past few years we have tried to go to the zoo with Joe at the start of summer.  Park and Baylor had early morning dentist appointments and then we took Baylor to school and were on our way.
It was a beautiful day, perfect for the zoo.  The sharks are always a hit.
Happy baby.
It was feeding time for the penguins.
The look the same size here.
The new bird area is fun.  Coop got to hold two birds.

The giraffes were eating too and were so close.

Love this picture of my Lion King.  He sure can ROAR!
Racing the cheetah.

On your mark!
Sawyer just chilling, flashing a peace sign.
Riding the train.
We were so happy Katelyn could go too, the boys love her.  Park wanted to sit by her every time.
Riding the tiger, he really wanted to gorilla but...
Park beat him to the gorilla.

 We ended the day at the splash park.  They loved it.
We are all thankful for warmer days!

 Park had the best time.
We had a great day at the zoo with Uncle Joe and Katelyn.

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