Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Park Fun After Preschool

After preschool we ran to Wendy's to pick up lunch and then went to play with Jen and her kiddos at the playground at preschool.  This one is perfect for little kids and is totally enclosed by a fence which is nice.  It was a sunny and warm day, perfect for the park.
Miss Big Thing climbing up by her self.
Gabrielle was so happy with Sawyer and kept saying baby.  She was wanting to pick him up.

Ethan and Park.


This makes me nervous but they love it.
Excited to be on the slide.
Jen brought cupcakes, they were happy!
Gabrielle took a snack break in the stroller with Sawyer.
They are about the same size.  We enjoyed our day and left the park to get Bax at the groomer and then take naps before swimming.

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