Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Swimming with Cousins

After we picked Coop up from worm camp we headed to the pool to meet Jen and her kiddos for a pool day.  Up first lunch at the pool.
He is loving worm camp!
Sweet girl.
Then it was time to swim.
Ethan is a little timid and prefers to just hang out by the steps of the pool.
Coop playing.
Kicking on the side.
Coop loves Gabrielle.
He's sweet with her.
Cousins are great!
Popsicle break time.
Gabrielle loved her popsicle and would not put it down.  She was a fan.
Mama sat outside with us and enjoyed watching the boys.  Coop talking with Mama.
Mimi held Sawyer in the shade.
Big girl.
After swimming everyone was ready for a nap!

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