Friday, May 10, 2013

Cooper's Preschool Graduation

Tonight was Cooper's preschool graduation program.

He has been so excited for this night.  He kept saying I can't believe this is my last program.  He has loved going to preschool here.  
He sang every word and smiled and did the motions.  He took it serious and was so proud.
He has been practicing Proud to be an American for his program.  He knows all the words and calls it his song.  He is so sweet when he sings it.
He was a soldier.
Sweet kids.
They honor all family members who are veterans in a slide show during the song.
Love the flags.

The alphabet song.
They sang so many songs and were all so cute.
He loves all his friends.
Singing the prayer song.
I was teary eyed.  Love this sweet boy.
Getting his certificate.
Joe and Katelyn came to see our star.

Mimi and Pop brought him a new diary and colored pencils.  He loves writing notes and math problems.

Mimi and Pop with the graduate.

Our family with the graduate.
Cooper we love you!  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you.
His diploma.
 Checking out his end of the year book.
 Mrs. Steele and Cooper.  He loves her!

 Cooper, Ryker, and Jonah.  Three preschool buddies who go to church together and will all go to NPE for kindergarten!
 Mrs. Moody and Coop.  She is retiring this year.  We have loved her as a teacher!
Coop and Mrs. Skinner.  
Looking forward to watching our sweet boy grow and change as he heads to kindergarten!
Some singing.

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Diane Freestone said...

Congratulations Cooper!!