Thursday, May 23, 2013

AR Party

 Getting checked in for the party after school with three girls from his class.  Accelerated Reader is a program where the students read books and then take quizzes and earn points for the books they ready.  The library sets goals for each grade level each year.  To attend the party for second graders you had to earn 77 points.  Baylor worked hard to reach this goal.

 The party is held after school and starts in the cafeteria.  Up first was pizza, drink and cookie.
 The kids could all get an airbrush tattoo.
 Then they worked on a large poster as a group.

 Baylor and Syd.  Then the K-2 grade students went to the Little Theatre for a Magic Show.  They loved the show and had fun.
 Then they went to the gym (it was raining) for the inflatables, basketball, and karaoke.
 The big obstacle course is always a hit.
 He loved the party!
 The Potter kids came home with us and ate dinner at our house.  I worked hard and cooked McDonald's.
 Park was happy Maddy was at our house.
After dinner they watched a movie and worked on some art projects.  What a fun day!

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Diane Freestone said...

Looks like a great time! See you soon!!!