Monday, May 6, 2013

First Day of Swimming

Coop with Nick, Parker, and Katie.
 Baylor with Maddy, Drew, and Jack.
The Beck boys.
Today was our first day of swimming lessons.  Coop was so excited, he's been asking for months when swimming lessons would start.  We have taken for 3 years at the high school and they do such a great job.  It is for two weeks and we pick Baylor up from school and head right over.  The lessons are one hour and they are great.  Baylor thought he was too old this year since he is a great swimmer already but I think it's good to just practice before the start of the season.  Since we can't swim year round it's good to have a refresher.  It's fun to take with our friends too and fun for me to sit and watch with my friends.

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