Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy 9 Months Sawyer!

 Today is May 16!
Sawyer today you are 9 months old!
Time is flying by!
You are such a happy guy with a big personality.
I love spending my days with you.  You love to babble and talk.  You are getting so close to being on the move.  You rock on all fours and roll both ways.  You can scoot sitting up and get to whatever you want.  Crawling is right around the corner for you.
You are wearing size 4 diapers and mainly 18-24 months in clothes.  You have lots of rolls and are a chunky little dude.  You love to eat!  You love to eat bananas and strawberries and all your baby food.  You have also started eating cereal bars and love baby cereal.  You are a good eater.  
You love to bounce and play with your toys.  You like to read or "eat" books with Mommy.  You love to sit on my lap.  

You love to be outside and watch your brothers like crazy.  You love to swing and have the best giggle and laugh.  You have 6 teeth and are working on getting 2 more.
I am so thankful for you sweet boy.  I couldn't imagine having 4 children and I can't imagine our lives without you!!!!  We love you Sawyer Joseph!!!!

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