Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Two Game Night

Coop and Baylor both had games tonight.  It looked like a storm was on its way any moment, but the rain held off and we got both games in.
 Coop up at pitcher's helper.

 Playing the outfield.

 Getting the ball!
I sure do love him!
 He's had the best time playing this season.
 The sky was so dark and then the sun would come out.
 Coop at bat.  Mimi and Pop came and brought my Grandpa, Aunt Ruth, and her husband.
 As soon as Coop's game was over we headed to watch the second half of Baylor's game.
 Love him!
 He had some great hits.
 On base.
 Go B!
Back at catcher!
 Giants win!
Grandpa and Coop.
He headed right to the bath when we got home!

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