Thursday, May 9, 2013

Parker's Preschool Program

Our little performer.
This year Parker has been in the Toddler class at preschool.  He goes every Wednesday and has loved going!  He asks over and over when his day for school is.  He loves his teacher and packing is backpack.  Ethan was in his class this year which was fun too.
I was a little nervous how he would do, sometimes he can be unpredictable.  He did so good and sang all the songs and did the motions.
He was all smiles too.  
He kept putting his arm around Ethan.  At one point he kissed Ethan on the cheek.  It was the sweetest.  I wish I had it in a picture.  He turned to the other boy like he was going to kiss him too but then changed his mind.
Serious about motions.
Sweet boy.
Love his expressions.

Such a sweet group of kiddos.
For the alphabet song he held the letter P.
He did great!
Eli was in the Primary class this year and had a solo on the Itsy Bitsy Spider.  He did great too!
Waiting to hear his name.
He did great sitting.

He was so proud of his certificate or "roll" as he called it.

Our family on Parker's special night.
Uncle Joe came too!
Sawyer loved all the music.
Future preschooler.
Mimi and Pop with our star.  They brought him some dinosaurs, he was thrilled.  He loves dinos right now.
Parker and Mrs. Fisher.  She has been so good for Parker and he loves her.
Mrs. Fisher and Ethan.

Preschool pals and cousins.

Some clips of the singing.