Sunday, May 26, 2013

Surprise for the Big Boys

Our Memorial Day plans originally were set to boat all weekend long.  Then the weather took a turn and it was cold and rainy so.... we had a surprise for the big boys.
After church we went to get haircuts and lunch and I got them these new jerseys.  I told them they could wear them to the movie.  We didn't tell them where we were going until we walked into the fieldhouse.  Baylor was so excited!
Two happy boys.
Baylor has been watching all the playoff games at home and he was so excited to be there.  It was so much fun!
Checking it all out!

He had a great time too!
This boys loves watching sports and always wants to watch Sports Center.
So exciting!
So lucky to be his mom.
His free tshirt was a little too big.
Snow cone pals. 
A little sugar!!!
Happy boy!
Go Pacers!
Love him!
The Pacers lost but it was a win for a great night with our two big boys!

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