Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween 2011

I knew that Parker would be Mickey for Halloween because he wants to wear it all of the time and I have a hard time getting it off of him. However, I didn't know what the big boys would end up wearing. Baylor decided on the new werewolf costume from Mimi and Cooper picked Curious George to wear for the big night.

They were excited for a fun night!

We went to Mimi and Pop's house for dinner and then trick or treated on our street and her street. Mimi and Pop's house always looks super spooky and they play Halloween music. It's the perfect spot to spend Halloween.

Mimi wore her Evil Queen costume and was ready for lots and lots of trick or treaters.

She was looking for Snow White all night long.

We were so happy to have Uncle Joe home for Halloween.

The boys love him!

Parker had a great time!

The boys loved trick or treating. They did a great job of saying trick or treat and thank you at each house. Parker got the hang of it quickly and went along with his big brothers. They all liked seeing lots of dogs at the houses. Cooper had a hard time staying out of his candy and ate several Reeses cups along the way. Parker wanted to hold his candy instead of putting it in his bag.

We loved seeing so many people on Halloween. Sarah, Aunt Von and Emme came over before we left for Mimi's house. We saw the McDaniel family as we were leaving Mimi's house. He was a cute little Dumbo.

After trick or treating we headed to church for the Harvest Hoedown. What a fun event. The boys bounced, played games, and ate. We saw lots of friends and had so much fun!

Pastor Andy was the Man with the Yellow Hat and Hudson and Cooper were both Curious George. So cute!

It was a busy and fun Halloween!

Baylor's School Halloween Party

Today was Baylor's Halloween parade and party at school. I was in charge of his party and getting all of the snacks for the entire school. It was a busy and fun day!
All of the boys in his class all ready for the parade. It was a sunny day so they were able to parade outside. Baylor was a magician for his school party.

His whole class.

The class with Mrs. Smith. She dressed up as Fred Flinstone. All of the teachers dressed up this year and there were some great costumes.

The parade is so much fun.

Lots of parents, grandparents, and friends come and the kids really feel special. It's neat to see all of the original costumes. I loved the cereal boxes and the gum packages that groups of kids had on. They were so cute!

He had a great time.

After the parade we came back to the class and the kids made a Halloween frame and a book mark.

They enjoyed the craft and did a great job.

Then it was time for games. The kids rotated through four different game stations. They loved the games.

We played spider ring toss, ghost darts, pumpkin toss, and bone toss. It's great to be able to use games for both boys and their parties.

Baylor has some really nice friends in his class. They were all so well behaved.

At the end of the party we had snack. They had juice, cupcakes, and apple slices. I was so thankful for friends who helped me pick up 620 cupcakes, 24 cases of juice boxes and 25 bags of apples in the morning. After getting it all to school we had to unload, sort, and separate all of the snacks to get them ready for each classroom. It went much faster than expected, I'm so thankful for great friends!

At the end of the party the kids got their treat bags and then it was time to go home. They all had fun and were ready for a fun night!

They were all excited because it was a homework free night!


The challenge word for this week is LIGHT. I had to go with our lighted pumpkins for Halloween.

Since we spend Halloween at Mimi and Pop's house we always bring our pumpkins over. They have a perfect scary Halloween House so the pumpkins add just the right touch.
The boys were so proud of their pumpkins.

They looked great!

The boys sing a pumpkin song from preschool and now I can't think of pumpkins without singing it to. It has cute little motions and you yell the last part making it even more fun.

Here are the words:

Scoop out the inside of a pumpkin.

Make a mouth, a nose, and two big eyes.

Put a LIGHT inside the pumpkin.

Then you'll have a HALLOWEEN SURPRISE!

I am linking up for the CrazyJoy challenge again this week. Check out the other entries.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spooky Halloween Party

Tonight Mimi and Pop invited us over for a Spooky Halloween party.
Mimi and Pop answered the door like this and the boys didn't know what to think.

Mimi decorated everything so cute! The table looked spooktacular. The boys had a little rat, spiders, skeleton straw, cookie, and fangs at their spot. They also had candy necklaces and bracelets to wear. Mimi made Witches Brew, Octopus Dip, a Pumpkin Cheeseball, Mummy Dogs, and yummy food from Kopper Kettle. It was all delicious! The cookies were great too and are adorable.

Parker didn't know what to think at first, but he still knew it was Mimi.

They were ready to find hidden owls and ravens outside for the first game.

Mickey and Pop.

Baylor was on a mission to find the most.

Tigger and Mickey found some too.

Parker got a ball for a prize and he loved it.

I got a cute Halloween picture, I love it!

We had a great time at Mimi and Pop's house. She always makes holidays so special and the boys have so much fun!

The dancing skeleton straws were a big hit.

He loves decorations!


After dinner we played Halloween Jingo and a Halloween Toss game. The boys got lots of fun Halloween prizes. We also played the hidden owl game three more times inside before we left. We all had a great time! Thanks Mimi and Pop for a Spooktacular party!!!!

Pumpkins and Round 1 Trick or Treating

We had a busy and fun filled Sunday. We had to be at church early this morning, Daddy to usher and Mommy to lead joy jammers, so Parker was the only one that got his picture taken in time. He looked so handsome!
After church we came home and Daddy made breakfast, then it was time to get to work. Tom and the big boys worked in the barn moving and cleaning. My car now fits in the garage! Parker and Mommy went to the grocery and got all caught up on laundry. I am completely done cleaning Parker and Cooper's closets and only have Baylor left, hurray! After nap Daddy and the big boys worked on carving pumpkins. Baylor did his all by himself this year. He drew on it with a Sharpie and then used kid tools to completely cut it out! He got a little frustrated but did such a great job. Cooper wanted a Headless Horseman face and Parker wanted Mickey, Daddy did great!

The finished pumpkins looking spooky!

Then it was time to get in costumes for three early trick or treating stops. Parker went as Mickey, Cooper was Tigger, and Baylor was a Mummy. Our first stop was to Mama and Papa's house.

Papa had a big basket of candy for the kids to pick from. The boys also played the piano with Mama. Baylor kept acting like a Mummy in all of the pictures and Cooper wanted to bounce just like Tigger.

Our next stop was to Aunt Von's house. Baylor wore his scary mask to the door because he didn't want Sarah to recognize him. I think she knew it was him. Aunt Von gave the boys cute Halloween books, candy, and a grow animal. They were so excited. They loved playing with Emme too!

Our final trick or treat stop for the night was to Grandpa's house. We enjoyed talking to him. Parker liked looking at the pictures of Uncle Joe on the table. The big boys liked seeing pictures of Mommy and Uncle Joe when we were little and pictures of Pop when he was younger too. I am so glad we were able to visit all three houses tonight! After trick or treating we were ready for fun at Mimi's Halloween party.