Friday, October 7, 2011

7 on the 7th

Baylor woke up excited this morning! It was his special day. He got to open a present before he left for school.
He got a book making kit, a pop up book manual, and an art set. He wanted to start working on it all right away. He did take one book with him to breakfast and he titled the book, "My Birfday".

Tom worked it out that he took Baylor to school on his birthday. They went to breakfast at Cafe 52 first. All of the waitresses are so nice there and they put a candle in his toast and sang to him. What a great way to start your morning.

I brought Maddy and Baylor Subway to celebrate at lunch time.

This was our table at lunch. He is very popular among the little girls. He cracks me up.

I love you Baylor! I am so proud of him and love watching him at school. Several teachers told me what a great kid he is and how much they enjoy him at school, makes this momma proud!

He can be silly too!

With his boy friends.

After school we went to Chuckie Cheese for dinner with our family, Mimi and Uncle Joe. The boys were so excited.

We had tons and tons of tokens. With the birthday package and coupons and bday certificates we had close to 500 tokens. When Daddy got there he went ahead and bought 200 more before he knew how many we already had. I hid some in my purse and we took them home for our next trip or we would still be there.

Baylor was on a ticket mission and won tons with this game.

He had a great time playing with Uncle Joe.

I love watching them have fun!

Parker enjoyed the birthday celebration too!

We celebrated Cooper's birthday at Chuckie Cheese tonight too. They were the birthday boys!

Baylor and Mimi.

The boys got remote control helicopters from Mimi and Pop. They loved them! Pop was at a concert, we missed him.

Coop loved his roller skates.

They both got a pair.

Fun times!

Make a wish!

He's almost four!

He loves characters and had fun with Chuckie.

So does Baylor.

Parker on the other hand is not a fan!

Eat cake, it's your special day!

After cake, it was time for the main event.

We booked a party so they would be able to go in the ticket blaster. It's a big deal! They both had Daddy go in to assist them again this year. He wore his visor and Baylor wore his crown to try to catch more.

It worked because he ended up with close to 4,000 tickets at the end of the night and he got a mini air hockey table, ball, slinky, and airplane.

It was a great night!

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