Monday, October 17, 2011

Cooper's Preschool Birthday

Today I brought in birthday treats to Cooper's preschool to celebrate his special day. He was excited for me to come. He loves his teacher.
After snack time we stayed for music. Parker thought he was a big deal and sang along with the kids. I wasn't sure how he would do but he was great. He walked in line with the kids and sat down at a seat for snack. Cooper liked having him there and was super sweet to him. I think Parker is going to start going to preschool one day a week in January, hard to believe!

They were doing a fun version of "If You're Happy and You Know it" to a book and did the motions. I love his teachers!

I love that they pray before snack and sing a prayer song before they leave each day. What a great start to school! He was excited for his snack.

He even got to blow out a candle and make a wish!

He is way more opinionated in what he wears than Baylor. He was determined to wear his new Mickey Halloween shirt today from the Halloween party. It wasn't what I had picked out for him but he really needed to wear it to show his kids. He calls his friends at school his "kids".

Parker joined in the group.

We had a fun day at preschool with Cooper!

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