Friday, October 7, 2011

InstaFriday on Baylor's Birthday

life rearranged

It's Friday and I'm linking up on my big boy's special day!

It's my big boys birthday! Happy Birthday Baylor! We love you.
Parker enjoyed the leftover cupcakes last night for dinner.

Happy Shopper!

We've taken full advantage of the warmer weather and played outside every single day. Cooper had fun playing with our neighbors one day.

Parker loves gymnastics!

He's a little monkey.

The crab company sent us more crabs since so many were dead upon arrival. We have plenty now!

This paper came home this week. I love what he wrote about Maddy.

Later Jamie texted me Maddy's paper. They didn't work on it together and they both put the same thing.

He did great at practice on Tuesday.

Parker was a mess after practice.

This is my picture for the challenge word because the book is blue. This came this week and I love it already. I love love love this blog and the book is awesome. Seriously go get it and read and you will be blessed!

Signs of fall. I'm always sad to see the crops go and it looks so bare. The boys love watching the tractors. We pulled over and watched for a long time.

Pretty days.

I won the fantasty football league this week, thanks to my hubby. There was some talking about my team name and I am changing it to Proud to be a Cheerleader.

Maddy came over before school one day and they had time to play spies.

These two have fun together.

Riding the horsie. We've been to Meijer three times, Marsh twice, and Sams four times this week getting ready for the party.

A frosty gone bad.

Matching jammies.

Home depot boys getting our supplies for the crab table. They matched the cart.

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