Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Cooper

To my Cooper,

Today, sweet boy, you turn 4 years old! I can't believe it's been four years since you were born. I couldn't wait for you to be born and join our family. You were such an easy going happy baby and were so quiet. You slept great in your car seat and loved to go places. It has been such a joy to watch you grow and change and learn new things. You were a monkey when you were a baby and are still a monkey boy today. You are such a sweet boy and we all love you so much! You are a cuddler and such a lover. You always say sweet things to your family and are very sincere. You love to play with your brothers and really look up to Baylor. You also love to fight with him too! I think you are a Mama's boy and love to sit on my lap or have me lay in bed with you. You always give the best kisses and great big hugs. You love to read books and sit right up on my lap. You love playing with your Daddy and enjoy wrestling and doing fun things with him. You say when you grow up you want to work with Daddy. You love super heroes, cuddlies, cars, trains, tractors, and pirates. You love to play with Baylor and Parker but also play great by yourself. You are very carefree and can be sneaky at times. You can't be trusted at the mall because you are a roamer, you still need a stroller. You love to shop and look around and have no fear of getting lost. You are always on the go but still require a nap and often fall asleep in the car. You are enjoying preschool this year and have made new friends. You like doing your homework and always want to do it by yourself. You love Jake and the Neverland Pirate, Phineas and Ferb, Max and Ruby, The Backyardigans, Mickey, and Spiderman. You also love candy, and would eat it all of the time! You may have trouble eating other foods, but you never have a hard time with candy. You like to ride your bike and scooter and love to play outside. You always want to play soccer and can't wait to be on a team like Bubby. You still call Baylor Bubby and always tell him you love him. You still say you want to marry Mommy when you grow up and the only reason you want to get married is because you want your own baby. You love babies and always want to touch them or hold them. Whenever there is a baby around you are close by! You are enjoying horseback riding and are doing so good! You wish we had a dog, just like Baylor, and keep talking about all you can do with a dog when we get one. You love life and are such a sweet boy. We can't wait to watch you grow this year! We love you Cooper Myers Hurst, our big four year old!!!

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d_freestone said...

Haaaapppy Birthday Cooper!