Friday, October 21, 2011

Mr. Scarecrow

On Friday we went to Conner Prairie for a Mr. Scarecrow class. We had some time to play in the play area which is always so much fun.
Parker got to play in there with Mimi while the big boys went to class with Mommy. He thought he was a big deal and had so much fun.

Baylor was happy he got to go to class. Miss Mary was so happy to see him!

We got to go outside and look at all the scarecrows entered into the contest. Baylor was demonstrating the pose for the dancing scarecrow.

There were some great scarecrows.

It was a little chilly outside but we were happy to see the sun after several days of rain.

All of the kids worked together in the class to build a big scarecrow.

Coop liked acting out a song with the scarecrow and crow puppets with Miss Mary.

Baylor with his scarecrow. He did it all by himself!

Cooper's scarecrow, he had some help from Mommy.

He seemed so big with all of the other kids. He has been going there since he was two and now Parker is almost two. Time sure does fly!

The kids danced like scarecrows, sang about scarecrows and did a little poem. Miss Mary also read a book about The Shy Scarecrow. She always does such a great job and the kids love her!

Parker was also happy to see a book about Santa in the gift shop.

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