Monday, October 24, 2011

Beautiful Day at the Horse Farm

After having a week off we were back to the horse farm to ride Louise today.
It was a beautiful fall day and we were all happy to spend the time outside at the farm.

Baylor worked so hard today! I was so proud of him. He really is good and she has him doing more difficult things each week.

Cooper and I spent time outside while Bubby was riding. There was a baby horse that was just weaned from her mother that day and was so upset. She was pacing and crying for her Mommy and it was so sad!

Louise is such a sweet horse.

Baylor loved riding her!

A little cowboy.

Coop was ready for his turn.

When Cooper was up Baylor and I worked on his homework so it would all be finished. He wanted to hurry so he could get outside and check on the baby horse.

Cooper is doing great too. His teacher is great with him and he listens so well.

He is really good at posting.

When he was done riding he got to brush Louise, put her blanket on, and feed her before leaving. It was another fun time at the barn.

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