Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

This year for the Halloween party we went as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I loved our costumes and we had so much fun dressing up. We got lots of compliments and had so much fun together. Pop was Grumpy, Joe was Doc, Cooper was Sleepy, Baylor was Happy, and Parker was Dopey. I carried Bashful and Sneezy cuddlies to make up the seven dwarfs. Tom went as Prince Charming, I was Snow White, and Mimi was the Evil Queen. Mimi made the boys jeweled mining buckets that they used to gather their candy at the trick or treat stations. Mimi carried a big apple to complete her Evil Queen look.
Cooper really got into his role of Sleepy and kept acting like he was asleep. The boys had so much fun! Their costumes were so cute. They even had elf booties to wear over their shoes.

We were excited for a great night!

Everyone did a great job of getting into character!

The dwarfs looked cute all together!

We had a fun night together. I loved the party and had a wonderful night! It is so much fun.

We got to the park around 5:00 and rode several rides and ate dinner before the party started. Once the party started we went to the trick or treat stations, played the games, went to the dance parties and saw characters. We also rode several rides throughout the night.

The moon looked liked a perfect Halloween moon. The spooky music and lights on the castle made it feel like Halloween night. We watched the fireworks and they were fabulous.

We made sure we had great seats for the parade because the boys want to be able to see The Headless Horseman up close as he rides before the parade. It is so neat. They loved the parade. It was great as always!

Baylor loves holidays, decorations, and fun. He said it was the best night and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. We were at the park until midnight and had a great time together. Such wonderful memories were made on a spooky night at the Magic Kingdom.

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The Gambrel Family said...

Oh my goodness, I love the costumes! They were perfect! You guys always do it up right.