Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkins and Round 1 Trick or Treating

We had a busy and fun filled Sunday. We had to be at church early this morning, Daddy to usher and Mommy to lead joy jammers, so Parker was the only one that got his picture taken in time. He looked so handsome!
After church we came home and Daddy made breakfast, then it was time to get to work. Tom and the big boys worked in the barn moving and cleaning. My car now fits in the garage! Parker and Mommy went to the grocery and got all caught up on laundry. I am completely done cleaning Parker and Cooper's closets and only have Baylor left, hurray! After nap Daddy and the big boys worked on carving pumpkins. Baylor did his all by himself this year. He drew on it with a Sharpie and then used kid tools to completely cut it out! He got a little frustrated but did such a great job. Cooper wanted a Headless Horseman face and Parker wanted Mickey, Daddy did great!

The finished pumpkins looking spooky!

Then it was time to get in costumes for three early trick or treating stops. Parker went as Mickey, Cooper was Tigger, and Baylor was a Mummy. Our first stop was to Mama and Papa's house.

Papa had a big basket of candy for the kids to pick from. The boys also played the piano with Mama. Baylor kept acting like a Mummy in all of the pictures and Cooper wanted to bounce just like Tigger.

Our next stop was to Aunt Von's house. Baylor wore his scary mask to the door because he didn't want Sarah to recognize him. I think she knew it was him. Aunt Von gave the boys cute Halloween books, candy, and a grow animal. They were so excited. They loved playing with Emme too!

Our final trick or treat stop for the night was to Grandpa's house. We enjoyed talking to him. Parker liked looking at the pictures of Uncle Joe on the table. The big boys liked seeing pictures of Mommy and Uncle Joe when we were little and pictures of Pop when he was younger too. I am so glad we were able to visit all three houses tonight! After trick or treating we were ready for fun at Mimi's Halloween party.

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