Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friends Riding Bus Home

We had a new first today. Maddy and Drew rode the bus home with Baylor.
Cooper was so excited he could barely take a nap. He was afraid he was going to miss them. When everyone got home we had chocolate chip cookies and milk.

After snack we did homework. Baylor and Maddy read their books together and we practiced spelling words.

They worked on their math paper together. Are they cute or what?

Then it was time to play. Maddy and Baylor did some art and then played with the walkie talkies.

Coop and Drew watched cartoons and played beyblades.

Parker wanted to play too, but we had to keep him from messing up the tops. We all had fun with Maddy and Drew!

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jamie said...

Love the pictures. They had so much fun! Thank you so much for your help! When we got in our car Maddy asked if I could come later next time:) And Drew said snacks are MUCH better at Baylor's home! HA!