Friday, October 28, 2011

InstaFriday:October 28

A few remnants from the birthday party.

1. I love these cookies. I wish I still had some.

2. We now have a 7 year old. He has loved looking at all of these cards.

3. Cooper wanted to save some of these cupcake picks with a 4 on them.

4. I love the octopus hat Baylor got from the party. He lasted for several days.

1. Reading with Daddy before bed.

2. The night of the birthday party Pop had a concert with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. We thought the lights looked like they were from a diner for him.

3. Parker sat in the back of the golf cart.

4. My dress up attire as a mom of boys. Cooper wanted me to wear the Thor hat.

Katie Collier came to Baylor's last game of the season. She surprised the boys with presents for their birthdays.

1. Baylor got to open his present in the parking lot, he was thrilled. He got a big Nerf gun and is over the moon.

2. Katie was Baylor's first babysitter and he loved her so! We love getting to see her still.

3.Coop got the GeoTrax BatCave. He was so excited!

A few pictures left over from Disney. I love it there! I can't wait to go back again.

1. Parker fighting with the Mickey sword in a Fantasia Mickey hat.

2. Cooper fighting pirates on his birthday.

3. Baylor loved this hat.

4. Parker loved eating Mickey ice cream bars.

1. The Halloween Party was so much fun.

2.A worn out birthday boy.

3.Baylor still wanted to get some new cuddlies.

4. Walt Disney World, we love you!

Parker has lots of phone pictures.

1. His new trick is to climb into the high chair by himself and say "EAT". He's always hungry!

2. He was worn out after the apple orchard/pumpkin patch trip and fell asleep in the car while eating his apple slush.

3. A scary little pirate.

4. He got Pooh legos in Chicago and loves them. He was playing with them on the bed before time to go to sleep.

1. Coop loves his GeoTrax.

2. He was waiting for his turn at horse back riding and he was laying in the dash like a cat.

3. Baylor at his eye appointment picking out his new glasses.

4. Baylor on the day we picked his glasses up.

1. I've been cooking this week and using my freezer meals. Tuesday night we had breakfast for dinner, the casserole was delicious.

2. I also made the chicken pot pie. It was good but Tom was not a fan.

3. Parker now wants to wear his hat when he eats. He loved the chicken pot pie. He's easy to please when it comes to food.

4. Oh no, Christmas is really coming. They have peppermint hot chocolate and mochas already at McDonald's We have a special surprise for the boys this year and I am so excited!

I am linking up today with Life Rearranged for InstaFriday. This is actually InstaFridayX3 for me since I have missed the past two Fridays. We were in Disney and then in Chicago so I am way behind on my iphone pictures. These are some of my favorites!

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Emily said...

1. You rocked the Thor helmet! :-)
2. Baylor looks so cute in his glasses.
3. Why don't men like chicken pot pie? Jay isn't a fan either.
4. I loved all the pictures!