Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fire Station Field Trip

Today our Mops group had a field trip at our local fire station. We had over 20 kids ages 5 and under. The fire station did a great job of making it age appropriate and the kids had fun and learned lots too!
I realized my flash was off so my pictures are not the best:(. The teacher played a hot or not hot game with the kids. Parker even got into the action. She was so good with little ones and made it fun and exciting.

They all loved learning about Sammy the Smoke Alarm.

The worked on a little song and taught the motions to the parents.

Parker, Eli, and Cooper were ready to see the fire trucks.

Parker loved them!

He was ready to drive the big fire truck.

What fun!

All of the boys had so much fun!

Mr. Eli is so cute!

The kids all got to sit in the ambulance. She wanted them to know it was safe place and there was nothing to be scared of if they ever had to ride in an ambulance.

The kids had to stand on the yellow lines and listen at certain times. They all did so well.

The tires were as big as Parker.

One of the fire fighters dressed in full gear to show the kids what to expect and so they would not be scared. They all gave him a high five. Parker was a little timid but he did it too.

Before we left all the kids got a new fire hat! What a great day at the fire station.

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