Saturday, October 29, 2011

Zoo Boo

We went to ZooBoo this afternoon with a gorilla, panda, and elephant. They were ready for fun at the zoo. It was a zoo at the zoo. We waited 25 minutes to get in the parking lot because the lot was at capacity. It was packed!
We made it and were ready for fun!

It was a bright and sunny crisp fall day.

Our little panda was happy about the candy at the trick or treat stations. He sampled several pieces.

Parker enjoyed trick or treating too!

He loves candy!

The animals were so active since it was later and cooler in the day.

Daddy and Parker.

We spent a long time watching the monkeys. The little monkey was so cute.

We love all the Halloween decorations at the zoo. There were some great displays.

Parker the elephant liked seeing the real elephants.

We crafted and played games too.

The Wizard of Oz display was so cute.

The spooky carousel went backwards.

They rode together on the shark.

They made an obstacle course in the splash park area. The boys did it several times and had so much fun.

I went with Parker and he did great!

We had a great time at the Zoo and enjoyed ZooBoo.

After the zoo we ate dinner at Champps and had a yummy dinner. They boys were worn out from all the fun they had and Cooper fell asleep in the car and didn't wake up when we carried him to bed.

We cooked breakfast at home today and then worked outside getting things ready for winter. Daddy worked hard to get my car in the garage.

Parker and I worked inside cleaning out closets and getting out winter clothes while the big boys played in the leaves and helped Daddy.

They love the woods and love all of the leaves in the fall.

We all love spending time outside in the fall.

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