Monday, October 17, 2011


The CrazyJoy word for this week is sweet. We had lots of sweet moments on our trip to Disney and lots of sweet treats too! It was hard to pick just one.

Baylor wanted to pick a present for his teacher while we were in Disney. He kept talking about what to get her. He ended up getting her a Tinkerbell Vinyl Mation and he said she could use it as a paper weight on her desk at school. As soon as we got home he got it out and tied it with a bow and then put it in the gift bag with tissue paper. He really wanted a matching Tinkerbell bag but thought Cars would work since it was a Disney movie. He couldn't wait to bring it to school this morning. I thought it was pretty sweet of him. Here he is this morning all ready to go with his present.

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Mirys + Guigo + Nina said...

So sweet!!!
What a kind little man you have home!

Kisses and blessings.

(from Brazil - where, actualy, was "teacher´s day", last Sunday! Perfect, hã?)