Monday, October 3, 2011

CrazyJoy (Assembly)


I am linking up for the crazy joy photo challenge again this week. The word was assembly and our project for the weekend fit perfectly.

Here is my picture for this week's challenge word: assembly. Tom had to assemble the crab race table for the boy's birthday party. This is the whole reason we ended up with an ocean birthday because the boys wanted to have crab races like they have at Sharky's in Florida.
It was an assembly required project because Tom started from scratch.

He did a great job and it ended up being perfect for the crab races. The boys can't wait for next weekend.

He had two eager helpers ready to help him get the first coat of paint on the table on Saturday morning after breakfast.

After the first 24 hours we had roughly 22 crabs die but the ones that are still alive seem to be doing well. We all like watching them and the boys are crazy about them.

They love to climb and dig in the sand.

There are some fun shells too!

When we wake up in the morning they are all under the log. They love hiding in there.


The Gambrel Family said...

How many crabs did you start with?!?! :)

They look cute with their painted shells!

Andy said...

found your blog via crazyjoy, love the crabs. they are so cute and colorful. not only did you guys assemble the racing table but it looks like the crabs are assembled and ready for the race.