Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cooper's Haunted Gingerbread House

Tonight was Cooper's special night. Pop ended up not having choir practice so Cooper got to go over and make his haunted gingerbread house tonight. Pop makes one with the boys each year and they love it! It worked out great because Baylor had baseball practice and it was much easier for me to only watch Parker during practice.
His house turned out great and is super spooky!

He was so proud and had a great time. He enjoyed taste testing lots of candy along the way.

What a hard worker.

Looking good!

He loved being the center of attention with Mimi and Pop.

He kept telling Pop he knew what to do. He is a pro since this is his second year to make one:).

What fun!

Look at his black tongue.

He even helped make the icing.

There was time for playing.

I love his smile!

The bowls of candy are seriously his dream come true. He has so much trouble with his tummy but he loves candy and can eat it without any trouble.

Before his house he made a slap bracelet craft with Mimi. What a fun night!

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