Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some days...

They loved the playground!
We had fun playing hide and seek together too!

The hay was tons of fun.

I love seeing all the beautiful signs of fall!

just don't go like you plan. This morning I took Baylor and Maddy to school and we all went inside and stopped at the book fair. Parker was screaming at the top of his lungs in the stroller so we had to hurry and pick our books and get out of there. Then we headed to the post office to drop off lots of mail. I put it in the mailbox and then went on my way. We were going to pick up Mimi but she needed a little more time to do some laundry so we went to the car wash and cleaned out the inside of the car. When we got to Mimi's house I opened my center console to close her garage door and realized my roll of stamps was untouched in the car. I had forgot to stamp all of my mail! We drove back to the post office and one of the nice workers helped me go through the big outside mailbox to find all of my mail. I think we found it all. Then we went to Sharmin's house to bring her a cake, party supplies, and presents since today is her birthday. It is a beautiful day so we had planned to go to Conner Prairie to enjoy the fabulous fall weather. As we were getting on the interstate we got a call that Papa wasn't feeling well and was quite dizzy. We turned around and headed to Mama's house. At this point it was close to 11:30 and the little boys had been in the car since 8:30 and they were not happy. Parker was screaming and Cooper was quite whiny. When we got to Mama's we released the hounds and they played outside while Mimi figured out the plan. He wasn't able to get into the doctor until late afternoon but the doctor called him in a prescription and Mimi went to go get it. She brought us back home and then went to stay with Mama and Papa for the day. The boys were full of energy and needed to run and play. Since it was such a perfect fall day we headed to Anderson Orchard to play and burn off energy in the sunshine. We had the whole playground to ourselves. There was one other little boy that came for a little bit and Cooper had a fun time playing with him. We even ate lunch at the orchard and walked around the apple trees and explored. We stayed there for over two hours and enjoyed the nice fall day. Even though it wasn't what we planned it ended up working out in the end. I hope that Papa feels better soon!

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