Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuttles with the Littles

This morning we had our second Mops meeting of the year and it went great. We have so many new moms this year, which is so exciting. It was another beautiful fall day here so we wanted to do something outside afterwards. We had to run a few errands and then went to Tuttle's Orchard with Mimi.
Our first stop was the play area. We got there at the perfect time and the school trips were just heading out for the day and we basically had the whole area to ourselves.

It was so nice outside!

Parker loved the sunflower maze, he was pointing which way I should go next.

Can you find Parker?

He thought it was funny when he got to a dead end in the straw maze and would wait for me to find him.

Can you tell he was proud?

Mimi and Coop played a little corn hole.

I love pretty fall days!

He said it was the best day and it was nice that we did this for just two little boys. He is so sweet when he wants to be :).

Parker liked jumping in the hay.

Nothing runs like a Deere.

He was determined to pick up a the huge gourd.

After playing we got two wagons and headed to the pumpkin patch. Cooper was determined to pick apples too so he made sure he picked a wagon that was all set up with an apple basket.

Discussing Parker's pick.

Carrying our picks back to our wagon.

I picked one with warts all on it, I like how different it is.

Then we picked Jonathon apples. They are so tasty!

We found a tree that was loaded with apples within reach for the boys to pick. Can you tell Parker loved the apples?

Parker was proud when he picked one and then would hurry and put it in his basket.

Cooper was a great apple picker.

We were all worn out and hot and headed to the apple store for slushies and a caramel apple to end the day. What a fun fall day!

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