Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baylor's New Glasses

When we got home from Florida we had a note from Baylor's school that he had not passed the eye screening at school. Since we know an awesome eye doctor we were able to get in this week. When Baylor went to the eye doctor last year he did not need glasses but we found out that he has an astigmatism. However he now is farsighted and requires a prescription.
I could tell that he was nervous during the eye testing but Dr. Potter was so sweet with him and made him feel comfortable. It was a really great experience! He picked some super handsome glasses. They are blue on the sides and he likes the design. He said they fit good and feel good on his face.

He only needs to wear them for reading, homework, and when doing work at school. We just need to try to keep them safe in his desk during the other times in the day. Hopefully it will all work out fine.

He is worried that people will make fun of him at school, but we talked about how special glasses are and that they will only help him. He is a little nervous about wearing them but I'm praying he adjusts well. We did read Arthur's Eyes and he watched it on the Ipad when he got home too. I think he looks pretty handsome in his new glasses.

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d_freestone said...

Baylor looks GREAT in his glasses!