Monday, October 10, 2011

Freezer Meals

Today I met some friends at church for freezer meal fun. Janice, our Mops coordinator, orgazined the event and had people from the steering comm. meet at church to try it out. We want to try something like this for a meeting but needed to see how it would work. Tricia also recommended not having more than 10 ladies at a time so it's not too crowded in the kitchen. Tricia, a great cook and sweet friend, planned the meals and was the "head" cook in the kitchen. She does freezer meal cooking for her family and has so many great ideas and is a pro in the kitchen.
We had to bring several different kids of meats and do a little prep work on the meat and then show up in the morning with our coolers, everything else was provided. We then paid Tricia for all of the other ingredients she bought.

We set up the ingredients around the kitchen and each station was for a different meal. We broke up into groups then and made all of one dish for all ten ladies.

I was in charge of cranberry chicken and worked with Tricia on the black bean chicken wraps.

Theresa made all of the chicken pot pies.

Jen was a chopper.

It went so fast and everything looked so good. We made winter barley, breakfast casserole, steak tip marinade, cranberry chicken, black bean chicken wraps, and chicken pot pie. Some of these made double so we went home with 8-10 freezer meals. How awesome is that!!!

Becky and I were really excited! She texted me later in the evening and said she was sore from opening so many cans. I loved all of the aprons. Tricia even gave an apron away at the start. My cute apron was made by Tricia!

Molly and Nicole.

Jen and Theresa.

Tricia and Janice.


Lindsey and Liz.

One of the cooking stations.

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d_freestone said...

Looks like a great time! Do any of your Mops Moms have a food vacuum? Those are GREAT for freezer meals! We do "make ahead meals" a lot, around here!