Sunday, October 23, 2011

Museum of Science and Industry.

On Sunday morning we were up early and ready for another day of fun. We went to a local diner for breakfast. It reminded us of Cafe 52. We had a yummy breakfast. Daddy wore his Colts jersey to try to cheer on the home team, but it didn't work. Our poor Colts have had a rough rough year!
Parker had a cough and wanted to sit with Mommy at breakfast.

Our first stop at the museum was on the Zephyr train. We had a tour and the boys enjoyed seeing all the different rooms.

The most expensive tickets were $12 a person, a pretty good deal.

Afterwards we saw the Dr. Seuss exhibit. We couldn't take any pictures but it was a neat exhibit. The boys didn't appreciate it as much as I did.

The trains were a favorite!

They all loved seeing the airplanes!

All Aboard!

He was the driver.


A 2 headed pilot.

Parker wanted to hold Bubby's hand the whole time.

We enjoyed the streets of yesteryears.

We got there when it opened so it wasn't very crowded which was so nice.

I think Daddy loved all of the flight stuff as much as the boys. They all wanted to play this game!

So much to see and do.

Daddy and Baylor went in the flight simulator. Baylor was the gunner and Daddy was the pilot. Baylor loved it! They were going upside down over and over, I would've been so sick.

It really is a great place for boys.

The All About Your Body exhibit was so fun too. The more you danced and moved the people on the screens would laugh harder and harder. The boys thought it was so funny and they were laughing too.

We all tried out the hamster wheel.

Parker did so good and he didn't want to get off.

The museum had some special activities and demonstrations for Halloween. Pumpkin Pyrotechnics was so neat.

This pumpkin was seriously glowing.

We had a great time and will definitely visit again. We left around 3:00 to start our trip back home.

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