Monday, October 31, 2011

Baylor's School Halloween Party

Today was Baylor's Halloween parade and party at school. I was in charge of his party and getting all of the snacks for the entire school. It was a busy and fun day!
All of the boys in his class all ready for the parade. It was a sunny day so they were able to parade outside. Baylor was a magician for his school party.

His whole class.

The class with Mrs. Smith. She dressed up as Fred Flinstone. All of the teachers dressed up this year and there were some great costumes.

The parade is so much fun.

Lots of parents, grandparents, and friends come and the kids really feel special. It's neat to see all of the original costumes. I loved the cereal boxes and the gum packages that groups of kids had on. They were so cute!

He had a great time.

After the parade we came back to the class and the kids made a Halloween frame and a book mark.

They enjoyed the craft and did a great job.

Then it was time for games. The kids rotated through four different game stations. They loved the games.

We played spider ring toss, ghost darts, pumpkin toss, and bone toss. It's great to be able to use games for both boys and their parties.

Baylor has some really nice friends in his class. They were all so well behaved.

At the end of the party we had snack. They had juice, cupcakes, and apple slices. I was so thankful for friends who helped me pick up 620 cupcakes, 24 cases of juice boxes and 25 bags of apples in the morning. After getting it all to school we had to unload, sort, and separate all of the snacks to get them ready for each classroom. It went much faster than expected, I'm so thankful for great friends!

At the end of the party the kids got their treat bags and then it was time to go home. They all had fun and were ready for a fun night!

They were all excited because it was a homework free night!

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