Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkins with Pop

Mimi picked up the big boys tonight after dinner for some fun Halloween activities. They got to carve pumpkins with Pop, sing Halloween songs, play in the leaves, and have treats.

Baylor's pumpkin.
The boys with their pumpkins.

Baylor's pumpkin was huge! Pop is really good at carving pumpkins. The boys had a great time.

They worked in the garage since it's such a messy project.

His giant pumpkin had lots of seeds.

Coop wanted a Headless Horseman face on his pumpkin.

Cooper's finished pumpkin. He's worried the Headless Horseman might try to take it!


He was so excited to work with Pop.

They helped draw the face on the pumpkins.

Coop and Pop.

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