Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friendly Feast with the Witches

The boys were excited to be on Fall Break and to go to the Children's Museum. They had a hard time picking which costumes to wear. Cooper had on at least five costumes before he picked the astronaut.

When we got to the museum it was packed. The whole lobby area was full and people were waiting outside, I have never seen it like that before. Thankfully we had tickets for the friendly feast and did not have to wait in a line.

We had Fazoli's, salad, and cookies for lunch.

The witches brought around special treats during the lunch. The boys got Halloween stickers, rings, tattoos and more.

I loved spending the day having fun with my boys.

Coop was really upset when Bubby got to spend the night with Mimi last night so he wanted to sit by her today.

The witches also did face painting. Baylor got a ghost on his hand.

Coop got a spider on his face.

The kids had a little dance party with the witches when they were done eating. Baylor with Francine the Friendly Witch.

When Parker saw Baylor and Cooper's face painting he wanted his own. He got a pumpkin on his hand.

After the lunch we all went to the Lilly Theatre for a concert by Rudy Toonz. The kids loved singing and dancing. They got to go on the stage and dance for a few songs. Before the show started Mimi gave the boys a Halloween book.

The kids all got treat bags from the witches. There were some great things in the bags. Cooper loved the chocolate bar and hot wheel car.

Parker went as a pirate.

He loved his Curious George book from Mimi.

After the show we all got to go to the Haunted House. The theme this year is Vampire Vacation. Baylor liked the beach area the best. Look at the shark. In each room the kids need to find the girl and boy vampire. It is a fun little game to play while in the haunted house. They also got a treat in each room.

It was lights on and he kept saying he wanted to go back in the dark, but after we went he changed his mind.

Baylor liked seeing all of the details in each room.

I think Parker liked being in his stroller. When he saw something he wasn't sure about he would say Uh-Oh!

They really did a great job with the haunted house this year and we all had a good time.

They loved Vampire Vacation!

Before we left we stopped in the gift store to see the holiday toy preview area. They had tables set up for the kids to test different toys and then vote on their favorites. Parker loved the tractor.

Cooper liked the floam and Baylor loved the remote control robots.

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