Friday, October 28, 2011

Barn Party

Tonight we went to a Halloween Barn Party at Miss Rosie's barn. The boys decided to go to the party as cowboys. Cooper wanted to wear Woody and Baylor was a real cowboy.
They were ready for a fun night at the barn. Parker stayed home with Miss Sarah and had fun playing. It would've been a long night with him.


He looked handsome.

Just like a real cowboy.

The boys had fun showing Daddy all of the horses when we first got to the barn.

They loved spending time with Daddy.

The barn was decorated and there was a band that played country music. Cooper was busy dancing to the music. He tore up the dance floor.

He did some dancing with Mommy.

The barn is so dusty so my pictures always turn out bad. They had fun trying to catch their hats on their heads.

We had a fun night with our boys!

They had ham, coney dogs, hot dogs, and sloppy joes. It was all tasty.

We were happy to be in the barn because it was chilly outside.

The kids played two games of musical buckets and the adults played one game. The band would play the music at different speeds. Baylor was the second round winner for the kids and won a prize. Daddy was the winner for the adult game. Go Hurst Boys!

Then it was time to bob for apples.

Coop had a hard time reaching the table so Daddy held him up.

He got it though.

Baylor got really wet and had a hard time getting the apple to stay still.

He was successful! We had a great time at the barn. Thanks Miss Rosie for a fun party!

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