Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Well Child Visits

The big boys had well child visits today with Dr. Greenfield. I also took Parker to have his cough checked out just to make sure it was only a cold. Parker checked out great and it is just a cold. Since I was taking all three Daddy met us at the doctor's office and I was so thankful.
It's hard to actually talk to the doctor with all three in the room by myself.

We were all happy to have some Daddy time in the middle of the day.

Cooper weighed 36.5 pounds and was 38 1/2 inches tall. He is growing and is staying on his growth curve which is great news. We are going to try to up his reflux medicine to see if this will help his tummy.

I am happy Daddy went too because he had to have four shots today. He wasn't very happy about it but was so brave. His poor little leg was really bruised and it hurt when he walked.

Baylor was 62.5 pounds and was 4 ft 2 inches. He is still in the 95% for height. He was lucky because he had a shot free visit. Both boys got new books and great reports from Dr. Greenfield. After the doctor we went to the eye doctor and Baylor got his new glasses. They fit nicely and he looks so handsome. He is nervous and excited to wear them to school tomorrow. After glasses we stopped at Dippin Dots to celebrate the end of a busy day.

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