Monday, October 17, 2011

Mops Field Trip to Tuttle's Orchard

Today our Mops group met at Tuttles for a field trip. We had a little lesson about apples before starting. Parker liked walking on the big tarp.
The stuffed bee was a big hit with Hudson and Parker, but they really wanted to sample the apples.

We met Jen and Ethan at Wendy's and ate lunch with them before heading to Tuttle's. The boys were so happy to see Ethan.Eli and Nicole came too. It was a little windy when we first got there but the wind died down. It was nice and sunny though.

Everyone got to put 4 apples in their bags. These two are just the right size to go all around the apple trees.

Coop worked to find his four apples.

The apples were all of the trees so we had to pick them out of the big crate. The kids didn't seem to mind.We had a big group, which was great. We had 45 people ages 3 and up and lots of little ones too.

Such a pretty place.

These two are so funny. Parker insisted on carrying his bag of apples along with mine.

Eli was scared on the tractor ride to the pumpkin patch and Cooper was so sweet to him. He kept telling him it was alright and was holding his hand.

Ethan and Parker were intent on watching the tractor.

Then it was time for everyone to find a pumpkin. Cooper found his right away and it was still on the vine. The tractor driver cut it off for him.

Ethan's pumpkin.

Parker's pumpkin pick.

Cooper was pleased with his pumpkin.

Eli liked the tractor on the ride back and he sat by Parker.

Here is our hay ride group. Our group was so large that we had two hay rides.

They wanted to actually sit in the hay on the ride back.

Afterwards all of the kids got to play in the play area. They love the hay maze. They were laughing and looking for Cooper.

The tractor is a hit.

Becky and Hudson.

Mommy and Parker.


They were playing peek a boo out of the back window of the tractor.

All smiles.

Eli liked the rope swing.

Pumpkin pals.

Hide and seek with two year olds is quite fun to watch.

Cooper the horse.

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