Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween 2011

I knew that Parker would be Mickey for Halloween because he wants to wear it all of the time and I have a hard time getting it off of him. However, I didn't know what the big boys would end up wearing. Baylor decided on the new werewolf costume from Mimi and Cooper picked Curious George to wear for the big night.

They were excited for a fun night!

We went to Mimi and Pop's house for dinner and then trick or treated on our street and her street. Mimi and Pop's house always looks super spooky and they play Halloween music. It's the perfect spot to spend Halloween.

Mimi wore her Evil Queen costume and was ready for lots and lots of trick or treaters.

She was looking for Snow White all night long.

We were so happy to have Uncle Joe home for Halloween.

The boys love him!

Parker had a great time!

The boys loved trick or treating. They did a great job of saying trick or treat and thank you at each house. Parker got the hang of it quickly and went along with his big brothers. They all liked seeing lots of dogs at the houses. Cooper had a hard time staying out of his candy and ate several Reeses cups along the way. Parker wanted to hold his candy instead of putting it in his bag.

We loved seeing so many people on Halloween. Sarah, Aunt Von and Emme came over before we left for Mimi's house. We saw the McDaniel family as we were leaving Mimi's house. He was a cute little Dumbo.

After trick or treating we headed to church for the Harvest Hoedown. What a fun event. The boys bounced, played games, and ate. We saw lots of friends and had so much fun!

Pastor Andy was the Man with the Yellow Hat and Hudson and Cooper were both Curious George. So cute!

It was a busy and fun Halloween!

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The Gambrel Family said...

What a fun night! It was great to see you on Halloween!