Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Riding Outside on November 1:)

We had to reschedule our time for horseback riding lessons this week since yesterday was Halloween. The boys were excited to go today. Everyone was a little tired and crabby today after such a big day yesterday, but they did great at the farm.
Cooper was really whiny and tired today but he listens so well to his teacher and worked really hard today. He thought it was hard to post and then balance with one hand. I am amazed at how much he has learned and how hard he tries while we are there. You would think he's been doing it longer than he has.

He calls his teacher Miss Teacher. He thinks it's hard to say her name, Miss Taralynn.

He loves Louise.

B loves her too.

Coop went first so Baylor and I read a stack of books while we were waiting for his turn. It was such a beautiful day I wanted to soak up the nice weather. I know that we are numbered on the amount of nice days we have left. I loved being outside in the sunshine on November 1. Horses lessons will not be as much fun in the winter!

Baylor is doing great too. He worked on getting Louise to change directions, back up, and maneuvered her around cones. He did great.

Miss Rosie wants them to be a horse show in the spring. We'll keep working.

Louise is a pro though and knows what she is supposed to do next before Baylor give her direction. She's had lots of lessons.

We all enjoy our time at Rosie's farm and I love all of the important lesson the boys learn while they are there.

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