Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Day Project Day 1

happy day

Today was Day 1 of the Happy Day Project. I had been thinking of what to do to treat a neighbor. I knew today was a busy day with preschool, a Mops field trip, horseback riding lessons, and basketball evaluations, so I thought baking wouldn't work. I had to go to Sam's Club this morning with Parker and they had lots of fresh pumpkin pies. I bought three pumpkin pies and three cans of Redi Whip, really who can eat pie without the whip cream! It's the very best part.

I love pumpkin pie and Sam's pumpkin pies are so yummy! I had been praying about who to treat today. The first pie went to a young couple who just recently had a baby boy. He was born this fall and I wanted to do something nice for this new family of three. The mom was so sweet and it was nice to talk to her. The second pie went to our neighbors directly across the street. They are always friendly and I knew it would be a nice treat. The last pie is the one I knew right away who I was going to give it to. This family has had some turmoil in their life lately and while I don't know the details I know as a parent I would be grieving. When I told the mom about the Happy Day Project and that I wanted to treat her today, she started to cry and said it was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her. I told her my name and that I hope she had a great day. She was crying and said it made her day and thank you so much. I was in tears as I walked to my car and she said you blessed me today. I was giddy inside and knew I picked the perfect neighbor to treat today.

I hope they all enjoyed their pies tonight. I'm excited for Day Two and spreading more happiness!

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The Gambrel Family said...

Jes, that is so very sweet. I bet those pies were so yummy too!