Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mops Terrific Tailgating Party

Today at Mops we had a tailgate party. The tables were decorated in blue and white with fun game day touches. Each table had a plastic tub filled with bottles of different soda. Andrea and I set up on Monday and we were excited for today after seeing how cute it all turned out! Everyone brought their favorite tailgate food and it was all so good!
We were scheduled to have a coaches wife speak, but she canceled last minute because she was sick. Pastor Andy spoke and did great. I also made our game last longer and we had an overtime part to the game. It was really fun!

Everyone was asked to wear their favorite sports team today. Colts clothes were the favorite, even though this is not the best season to be a fan!

We made really cute blue and white Colts fleece scarves for the craft. The prizes were a fun tailgating basket and a gift card to Champps. The winners were so excited, they played hard.

It was such a fun day!

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