Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fun Filled Saturday

On Saturday morning we tried to sleep in after a late night at the Food Pantry dinner, but the boys were up and ready to go. Pappaw came over for breakfast and they were excited to see him. Cooper introduced him to Elfie and had him search for his hiding spots.
They have missed Pappaw. Mammaw and Pappaw are back home for a few weeks to celebrate Thanksgiving.

It was a beautiful day so after breakfast the boys headed outside to work in the barn and try to get the big tractor running.

They needed a snack break.

After a snack break the boys headed in and got ready and we went to the Eiteljorg. They had advertised Cowboy Santa. Let's just say I was expecting something different, but the boys went along with it. They definitely could have made this much cuter!

Baylor was excited to see Jingle Rails and Tom had never been.

The train display is amazing and there is so much to see.

My boys.

Tom has never been to the Eiteljorg before so the boys were anxious to play with him in the kid's area. We built and destroyed the log cabin wall several times.

Baylor as a girl.

They were traveling to California on the stagecoach.

Riding partners.

I love when he says YeeHaw!

After playing we were all starving so we decided to head to Buca. It was Bands of America weekend downtown and it was packed. Thankfully we were eating early and got right in.

Everyone ate great which is always a plus.

We brought food home to Mimi and stopped to visit her on our way home.

Mimi and Pop got each boy a basket at the auction and they got it tonight. They look at the baskets for months at her house and can't wait to finally be able to open one. Cooper got the play doh basket and he was so happy. This will be great in the winter.

Baylor got the bug basket that he really wanted!

Parker got the nutcracker basket. He has been wanting his own nutcrackers for his dresser after seeing his brother's collections and now he has started his own. He was so excited!

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