Thursday, November 3, 2011

Embracing the Camera with Mama

Mama spent the evening with us tonight while Papa worked at the food pantry. The boys were still in their jammies from naptime since it was rainy and cold. They sat with her and read books while I got dinner ready.
Parker wanted to sit right by her.

Cooper decided to get dressed and they went over the Target toy guide. He was picking out some items for his Christmas list and showing them to Mama.

I made frech dip sandwiches, curly fries, macaraoni, and chocolate chip cookies for dinner. I love this recipe from It is so good and everyone eats it!

I love her!

Mama thought our house was cold so I got her hot tea and a blanket. She watched TV with Baylor before bath time.

After bath Parker came down and read with Mama again.

They were big pals tonight.

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