Sunday, November 27, 2011

Last Meal at Cafe 52

We heard last week that Cafe 52 was closing at the end of the month. We are all sad, we have gone here after church for years. The boys love going with Mimi and Pop each week. Lots of members from our church go right after first service and it's like a little family. We love all of the waitresses and they are so sweet to the boys.
We started going almost every week right after Baylor was born. I can remember lots of great breakfasts at Cafe 52.

Parker loves their chicken and noodles.

Tom couldn't decide between breakfast or Dragon fingers so he got the Dragon fingers to go.

Cooper said he hopes it opens again, if only it were that easy.

Several of the waitresses have worked their for years and they always bring us our drinks right away and the service is great. We are going to miss them.

Pop looks forward to breakfast each week. He's always sad if we don't go.

The owner said he's enjoyed watching our boys grow up. We were all crying when we left. Baylor was crying too.

I got out the clubhouse and all the Mickey toys to use for the birthday party and Parker is in love. Tom and I said we should have wrapped this box for him for Christmas. They were playing before church.

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